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Since 1976, the family-owned Loftin Equipment Company has been providing reliable power solutions to job sights, businesses, and homes across the southwestern United States. As a result of their professionalism and reliability, Loftin has grown consistently and since 2003 has been servicing the on-site energy needs of companies across the great state of Texas. Loftin Equipment is a full-service energy provider, meaning they provide primary, redundant, and emergency power systems including everything from industrial generators themselves to power distribution, HVAC, and mobile lighting systems. Loftin Equipment Company takes pride in exceeding the customer service expectations of their renters meaning staff experienced in tackling power generation, distribution, and infrastructure needs will be available to you at all times. Ensure your job runs smoothly by renting the industry’s best equipment from the most professional and comprehensive equipment rental service in the state of Texas. 

When it comes to providing the energy your company needs to do business, reliability, and flexibility is the name of the game. The LEC’s line of premium Siemens generators boast incredible reliability in a wide range of power outputs to suit any and all commercial needs with minimal environmental footprint. Whether on board a ship or on an oil platform, in an industrial plant, or a large gas or steam power plant, Siemens brand generators are ready to go wherever power needs to be generated quickly, reliably, and efficiently. Additionally, these engines offer exceptional fuel flexibility and are compatible with multiple fuel blends. Whatever your emissions restrictions, fuel preferences, and power needs, you’ll need to look no further than Loftin’s Siemens line when renting industrial generators in Texas.  

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E series Siemens engines offer uniquely efficient and reliable power on a small footprint. EM generators feature a high volume, 12 cylinder engine that requires less maintenance than traditional 16 cylinder engines and takes up less space while providing exceptional power up to 2007 kw. These electrically carbureted generators offer best in class electric efficiency of 45.4% as well as low emissions with no after treatment because of their supercharged, miller cycle, lean-burn technology. 

S series generators offer industry-leading fuel versatility. These electrically carbureted engines are capable of running on propane, natural gas, sewage gas, landfill gas, or mixtures of multiple gasses with a range of power output from 240 – 1150 kw. S series engines are capable of both lean and rich-burn operation and adaptable to dry and wet exhaust configuration meaning the Siemens S series can ensure compliance with even the strictest emissions regulations while still producing efficient power. S series generators also offer reduced oil consumption in an exceptionally robust package. 

The H series Siemens generators offer high-performance electrically carbureted generators in a compact, small footprint package. These lean-burn, turbocharged, miller cycle technology engines efficiently burn natural gas, sewage, and landfill gasses with a power output range from 520 – 1350 kw with minimal emissions. Additionally, H class generators are among the most easily serviceable and reliable power plants.  

Loftin Equipment Company is the only authorized distributor of Siemens E, H, and S series generators in the state of Texas. In addition to offering a range of single generators, Loftin has the capability to combine and parallel generators and power systems to meet any of your company’s power needs no matter how large, dynamic, or complex. Supplying power is one thing, but distributing it with maximal efficiency is another entirely. Allow Loftin to install and break down your job’s power from start to finish so your business can focus on what it does best. Additionally, while the Siemens line of gas engines is incredibly reliable, Loftin equipment is familiar with building fail-safe, redundant power systems that guarantee your power supply continues seamlessly if one generator has a malfunction. Meet now with LEC’s crew of experts to discuss your next job’s energy requirements and to craft the plan that will most efficiently power your enterprise. 

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