Reliable in Texas Commercial Generators

Loftin Equipment is the one-stop-shop for all of Texas commercial generators’ power needs. Loftin offers everything from powerful and reliable generators to complete power infrastructure. In addition to providing all the hardware to make and distribute power for your job, Loftin’s team of experts provides industry-leading service including set-up and takeaway, planned equipment maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair and replacement service.

Featuring Texas commercial generators offering locations in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Midland, Loftin has the ability to make your power source a certainty wherever the next job takes you, leaving your business free to focus on what it does best.  

Loftin is partnered with the foremost names in commercial generators. They are authorized to bring you today’s most reliable and efficient power equipment from industry leaders like Siemens generators, Kohler generators, Kubota generators, and Scania generators.

Whether you’re looking for high performance or reduced footprint, Loftin’s large and diverse inventory means you’ll always be able to find the proper equipment to suit your needs. Brands like these bring you the most fuel-efficient, fuel-flexible, high-tech, reliable, and small footprint portable power plants on the market, and Loftin are experts in their operation.

Whether you’re in need of prime or standby, mobile or stationary, diesel or gas generators, Loftin has you covered in the commercial and industrial space. 

texas commercial generators

Renting commercial generators offers numerous advantages over owning. For one, the upfront costs of renting are minimal as opposed to buying. Industrial generators are an upfront investment, which allows the opportunity to rent in the short term.

Additionally, renting offers increased flexibility in industries such as oil and construction, where no two jobs are in the same place or exactly alike, power generation needs and constraints are bound to be different.

Renting allows you to choose the machinery that fits your needs as perfectly and efficiently as possible. If your job requires a configuration of multiple generators, redundant power sources, or fail-safe design, buying all the equipment associated would be enormously expensive, and there’s no telling whether the next job will require the same equipment or if you’ll end up storing it.

Next, all engines, no matter how well maintained, will need service eventually. If the lone generator your company owns malfunctions, your job is potentially halted until it can be fixed or replaced.

Renting from a company like Loftin that has a veritable fleet of engines, equipment, and trained technicians at its disposal ensures that any malfunctions or mishaps will be sorted out immediately. Finally, supplying power to a commercial job site is no easy task. At Loftin equipment, our staff are power experts and their complete array of power distribution equipment is at your disposal, meaning your administrative, equipment, and manpower expenses and headaches are kept as minimal as possible. 

Please reach out below to talk with one of our trusted team members. We will assess all of our needs and put together a plan whether purchasing a commercial generator is right for you or renting in the short term, based on your commercial generator needs.

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