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Loftin Equipment Co. understands the importance of commercial generator rental power. Our technicians and our staff are trained in our market’s rental needs. Loftin Equipment is your full-service supplier of emergency backup and prime power for a number of critical power applications. When disasters strike, whether natural or man-made, your facility’s day-to-day operations stand the risk of complete shutdown. Without a dependable backup power solution, you’re vulnerable to lost data, production time, and revenues. Wherever and whenever you need it, we’re on hand with commercial generators, power distribution equipment, and miles of 4/0 cable. Whether it’s at a moment’s notice or planned in advance, whatever it takes to power you up to your full potential, Loftin Equipment will provide it.

Rental Applications

• Data Centers

• Construction

• Telecommunications

• Medical – hospitals and in-field units

• Manufacturing and plant facilities

• Remote locations

• Concerts and festivals

• Emergency power during weather-related power outages

• Long and short term rental

• Generators: 20kW thru 2000kW single source

• Generators: 1500kW thru 4500kW paralleled

• Multi-Tap Transformers (4160 or 12kV)

• Automatic Transfer Switches: variety of units available

• Assorted Distribution Equipment: fused disconnects, switchboards, and panels

• 4/0 Camlok Cable: available in 50’ increments for ease of installation

• Fuel Service: can coordinate and arrange large deliveries

• 24-hour on-call dedicated personnel for emergencies

Loftin Equipment’s rental department is always ready for emergency response or “quick drop” deliveries to job sites, facilities, or events. The Loftin Equipment team can also provide turnkey specification, design, installation, and execution of projects; from small to large.

commercial generator rental

Advantages of a Commercial Generator Rental

If the generator is only needed for a short period of time, a more cost-effective consideration would be to rent a plug-and-play generator for your needs. If you only need a moving van for a week, you’re not going to go out and buy a moving van.

The most common generator rentals are for mobile efforts and disaster relief. If a disaster occurs and you don’t have a standby generator, renting a generator is a great way to return power to your business until utility power returns. Additionally, mobile generators are popular for applications “in the field” or away from utility power sources. Oil and gas companies that need power in the field may find generator rentals more flexible than figuring out the logistics of storing a fleet of mobile generators.


• 24/7 commitment to keep the power on

• Fleet of service trucks for superior field support

• Trained technicians provide reliable, timely work

• On-site delivery – prepped, then delivered

• In-house fuel service – fuel drop off capacity up to 100 gallons


• We understand commercial generator rental and our staff has over 50 years

combined experience in the rental and power generation industries

• Reputation – Our list of repeat customers is a testimony to our abilities

• Experienced Staff – Our team of professionals will work with you to meet

your needs

• 24/7 Service is our specialty

Loftin Equipment is Here to Help

Loftin provides levels of service above expectations for companies that rent our products. We provide solutions in the areas of mobile power generation, power distribution, climate control, and infrastructure services. We respond with immediate, hands-on support, assuring our clients always receive first-rate customer service.

Sometimes the best solution to a temporary problem is to rent. Loftin Equipment offers the best in temporary power solutions for virtually every environment. Our team can provide the right real-world application to fit your needs. When you rely on Loftin Equipment for your commercial generator rental requirements you’re talking to more than a rental company – you’re talking to solution providers.

Have questions? Call us at (855) LE-RENTS or fill out our equipment rental form.