KOHLER Industrial Generators


KOHLER® Power Systems and Loftin Equipment can satisfy your power solution needs — from residential units to multi-genset industrial installations. KOHLER offers individual gas- and diesel-fueled models from 8.5 kW to 3250 kW, as well as electronic controls, automatic transfer switches, and switchgear.


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KOHLER’s extensive lineup of standby/prime generators power airports, hospitals, factories, and communications centers that all help tie together a global marketplace.


Diesel-fueled units range in size from 10 kW to 3250 kW and gaseous fueled units range from 25 kW to 1300 kW with ratings for operation at 50 or 60 hertz. All models are available with a complete complement of accessories to meet almost any application, such as:


  • Weather and sound attenuation housings
  • Sub-base fuel tanks
  • Block heaters
  • Critical silencers


All KOHLER industrial generator models are available with an emissions certification and UL listing directly from the factory, with no costly or time-consuming site certifications required. In addition, seismic certification is available from the factory for most models.


Ideal for standby emergency power, interruptible rate applications, peak shaving to lower energy costs, and prime power installations for heavy construction and mining operations, Loftin can provide you with a power system solution to meet your requirements.

Bridging the utility with standby power is no small job, which is why KOHLER transfer switches are indispensable to all power systems. When power fails, power is transferred from the standby system within one-sixth of a second, allowing you to continue functioning as normal. The MPAC (TM) 1500 — KOHLER’s new generation of transfer switche — is loaded with sophisticated technologies and advanced design features that ensure transfer of power to critical-load applications:


  • 30 to 4000 amps in standard-, programmed- and closed-transition configurations
  • Simple, integrated communication interface using an ethernet or LAN line
  • Service-entrance, non-automatic, automatic and bypass configurations
  • UL 1008 Listed, CSA and IBC Seismic Certified


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KOHLER switchgears are designed to manage your power needs by carefully monitoring and adjusting the load between generators that have been installed to work in tandem. The paralleling of multiple generator sets is a long-accepted technique for increasing the amount of available electrical power as required for variable load conditions.


The switchgear will automatically synchronize and match the electrical power from a number of generators to the size of the load requirement. Our strength is the ability to design a complete, integrated system for your installation with one source of responsibility.


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KOHLER switchgears are designed for:


  • North American and international specifications
  • Emergency standby or prime power installations
  • Interruptible rate or peak shaving applications
  • Wall- and floor-mounted configurations

Whether your concern lies with the simplest functions or the entire operation of a highly sophisticated system, KOHLER generator controls give you the power to manage the application. Each control product is customizable to your specifications and engineered with safety and simplicity to ensure displays and keypad functions remain user-friendly. Our complete line of Decision-Maker(TM) models features innovative network communications for remote monitoring and also include programmable software to accommodate future system upgrades.


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KOHLER generator controls are designed for:


  • Generators from 20 to 3250 kW
  • Additional diagnostic features
  • UL 508A Listed
  • NFPA 99 and NFPA 110

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