Guascor Energy

Guascor Energy provides efficient power solutions thanks to their innovative design and combustion technologies. By combining the highest electrical efficiency and displacement within the smallest footprint, Guascor Energy provides the most competitive answer to your needs from robust and reliable options to high performance engines.


Loftin is the authorized Oklahoma and Texas distributor of Guascor Energy S Series, H Series, and E Series gaseous engines from 200 kW to 2 MW single sets with paralleling capabilities to meet much larger requirements.

Our engines sales team can help you determine the right engine for your application. Covering an extensive market range, from construction to agriculture, stationary, defense, and material handling, oil and gas, Loftin and Guascor Energy engines provide the right solution for your power requirements.


As the Oklahoma and Texas distributor for Guascor Energy, we stock a complete lineup of Guascor Energy parts and our parts team is trained to ensure in-stock options for quick turnaround when required.


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Guascor Energy Gas Engines

commercial generator

E Series


  • Best-in-class
  • EM – Lean Burn, Miller Cycle
  • Power Output: 2007 kW

S Series


  • Robust, reliable, fuel flexible
  • SL-Lean Burn from 240 to 1150 kW
  • SR-Rich Burn from 240 to 870 kW SM-Lean Burn
  • LPG: from 336 to 1000 kW

H Series


  • High Performance
  • HM – Lean Burn, Miller Cycle from  500 to 1300 kW

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