Unity Fuel Solutions – GRANDE Tanks

Grande Tanks offer double-walled storage tanks for combustible liquids, as well as other hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, from 2,969 up to 28,370 gallons.

The Grande is a premium fuel storage solution designed for harsh operating environments with minimal site preparation. Pressed corners and a reinforced top means a robust tank for your fuel storage needs. The main points in this design are a curved tank roof finish, greater capacity for safe fill and the ability to see under the tank.

Grande tanks are constructed to international ISO container footprints for ease of transport and transfer. The standard footprints are 20, 40 or 48 foot utilizing the container lock dimensions and ensures ease of transport, saving your business time and money.



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  • 80nb Tanker fill pipework.
  • Fire safe flanged ball valve, camlock adaptor & cap.
  • Non return valve.
  • Hydraulic overfill valve with optional unload pump.
  • Internal pipe work serviceable.
  • High-level alarm; hazardous rated & battery powered.



  • Anti-siphon valve (foot valve).
  • Pipework terminates under walkway with ANSI flanges.
  • 6″ and 4″ sockets in both manholes for the mounting of submersible pumps standard.
  • Pump suction line including priming point plug.



  • Pump bay complete with water/product drain valves.
  • Internal access for hoses from pylon kits.
  • Pylon kits with counter weights (optional).
  • Lockable bund doors with rubber dust seal.
  • Access ladder to work platform mounted on left or right hand side.
  • Bund ventilations.
  • Front earth connection.
  • Built in safety hand rail system.
  • Dual 50mm side wall cavity sockets.



• Double-walled tank designed and constructed to UL-142 and ULC-S601-14 compliance as standard.

• Supplied with all statutory signage.

• Safe fill level capacities from 2,969 gallons to 28,370 gallons.

• Curved tank roof finish externally.

• Unit based on ISO style 20′, 40′ or 48′ foot cube shipping container foot print for easy lifting and transport.

• In-built tank access ladder and platform .

• Dual 2″ manway tank access points.

• Updraft vent pipe.

• Calibrated aluminium anodized dipstick.

• Interstitial space monitoring point with anodized dip stick.

• Audible overfill protection alarm.

• 6” and 4 “sockets for installation of submersible pumps

• Extra paint thickness based on 250-300 microns for extra protection during harsh climates.

• Bunded cowling and dispensing area.

• Dual hose high mast retractable units.

• Lockable doors on pump and dispensing area.

• Suitable for fuel farm configuration (master and slave).

• Transportable via tilt tray, side loader or flatbed semi-trailer.


• AC/DC electrical or engine driven dispensing equipment

• Bowser, dispenser units or retractable hose reel systems

• Heavy and / or light vehicle refueling

• Pump electrical switch box with start / stop / e-stop station

• Flow rates from 10.5gpm to 105gpm (105+gpm on request)

• Bulk fuel dispensing unit (quick fill for onsite service trucks)

• Fuel Management System compatible

• Outdoor payment terminal compatible (EFTPOS & credit card)



GRANDE tanks are based on container-sized footprints for ease of transportation and handling. They can be supplied with ready-touse pumps, reels, meters and filtration. Standard and custom build add-on compartments can be specified to hold lubricants, coolant or waste oil as required. Multi products within same tank footprint are available if required. End mounted security cabinets can be fitted including steel or roller shutter doors and internal spillage trays, to house pipe work, pumps, gauging, alarms and controls.

Unity GRANDE Dimensions and Weights

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