Training with Loftin University

Accredited training that meets the factory training centers exacting specifications and requirements for the equipment and services we offer is available through our Loftin University training center.


Loftin University is a first-class learning center where techs and dealers of all skill levels can learn about the KOHLER® Power System products as well as Scania engine courses. We teach in both a classroom and a practical lab, with a broad cross-section of equipment that fully encompasses the technology seen in the field and offered by our partners.


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Loftin University

We teach valuable skills and techniques to help each student become a stronger asset to both the customer and employer. We believe by having a totally interactive environment where students can learn real world lessons, as well as the technical information we provide in the form of power generation theory, publications, and use of diagnostic software, we can provide superior and cost-effective training. We can learn from each other as well as teach practical troubleshooting. Then we can put those skills to the test in our fully functional lab.


We provide hands-on training using skills taught in the classroom and all the latest KOHLER software to communicate with and diagnose real problems with real equipment. This training will give our students the confidence they need to provide our/your customers with someone they can trust to protect their assets. We believe this is the key to customer service. After all, knowledge is power — and we are in the power business.


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Classes available:

  • Generator, Controls and Industrial ATS
  • Scania Engine Repair
  • Marine Generator Repair
  • Residential Generator Repair
  • EGSA Testing Center

Training staff:

  • Trainer Manager: Donnie Dozier
  • Trainer and Founder: Jon Uber
  • Trainer (Scania and Kubota Engines): Ronald “Rooster” Rhodes
  • Trainer (Scania Engines): Terry Vaughn

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