Loftin Equipment After-Hours Support

  1. Please dial the Loftin Main number 1-800-437-4376
  2. Listen carefully to the prompts and chose your supporting branch, if you are not sure which location is closest, please refer the territory map under General Contact on the home page.
    1. Press 3 for the Phoenix Branch covering Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas, and Colorado 
    2. Press 4 for the Dallas Branch that covers North Texas and Oklahoma 
    3. Press 5 for the Houston Branch that covers Southeast Texas and Louisiana 
    4. Press 6 for the San Antonio Branch that covers central Texas and South Texas. 
    5. Press 7 for the West Texas branch that covers West Texas, the Pan Handle, and El Paso 
  3. Once you chose the supporting branch, please press 0 and you will be connected to the on-call Loftin employee. 

Loftin Territory Map