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As a provider of engine and generator solutions for life’s power needs, Loftin has an uncompromising customer focus on providing only premium quality products. This is why Loftin Equipment Texas is the authorized distributor of Siemens S Series, H Series, and E Series green technology gaseous engines from 200 kW to 2 MW single sets with paralleling capabilities to meet much larger requirements for Power Generation Texas. We offer an array of Siemens generators to choose from:

  • S Series
    • Designed for fuel flexible power generation
      • SL – Lean Burn from 240 to 1150 kW
      • SR-Rich Burn from 240 to 870 kW SM-Lean Burn
      • LPG: from 336 to 1000 kW
  • H Series
    • Designed for high-performance power generation
      • HM – Lean Burn, Miller Cycle from 500 to 1300 kW
  • E Series
    • Designed as best-in-class alternative
      • EM – Lean Burn, Miller Cycle
      • Power Output: 2007 kW

What Siemens Generators Do I Need?

Loftin Equipment Texas is a member of the American Biogas Council. We offer green technology solutions for Power Generation Texas, Waste to Energy, and Cogeneration/CHP. Fuel options include natural gas, sewage, landfill, and biogas. Fuel blending systems are available for biogas gensets. 

  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Landfill
  • Agriculture
  • District Heating Industry
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Sewage
  • Peak Shaving
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Siemens is a trusted project partner for utilities, municipalities and independent power producers. Our generators complement the turbine packages of the most modern and efficient power plants. We continuously improve our generators and focus on increased reliability, improved serviceability, high efficiency, and optimum plant integration.

Siemens Generators are the perfect solution wherever power has to be generated quickly, reliably and efficiently – whether on board of a ship or on an oil platform, in an industrial plant, a large gas or steam power plant or for renewables.

Proper sizing of Siemens Generators involves matching performance specifications against real-world operating constraints. If you don’t take the operating constraints into consideration, you will be more likely to encounter problems, even though the generator specifications may seem adequate (on paper) to handle the load.

We can help with all of that. No matter your Power Generation Texas application, a member of the Loftin Equipment Texas sales team will be able to guide you which Siemens Generators are best suited for your needs.

Why You Should Partner with Loftin Equipment Texas

When you partner with Loftin Equipment Co. and Siemens, you are partnering with two world class organizations that are dedicated to serving the power generation needs of their customers from inception, to installation, and throughout the life of your equipment. Our application engineers will look at the total power required, determine the equipment to apply and work with you through the design phase, engineering, installation, and start up.

Our Quality of Service is Second to None

Loftin’s service department and quality of service is second to none. Once the installation of your generator system is complete, our factory trained inside sales and service staff will ensure you receive an outstanding customer experience and high quality support throughout the useful life of your system.

As the authorized Southwest U.S. regional distributor, we stock a complete lineup of Siemens parts and our parts team is trained to ensure parts are available in stock for quick turnaround when required.

Loftin Equipment Texas is Here to Help

Selecting the proper Siemens generators can be a complex process. At Loftin Equipment Texas, we want you to have the best generators for your needs and we strive to make it easy for you. We have a network of remote technicians and dealers that allows us to provide service and support throughout the state of Texas. When you become a Loftin Equipment Texas customer, you are not just a number to us. You are the reason we’re in business. That’s why we view each business transaction as an opportunity to build confidence, trust, and relationships.

Contact our engines sales team and they will help you determine the right engine for your application. For help, start by calling 1-800-437-4376.

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