07 Jul Loftin University 2015 Training Schedule

Loftin University 2015 Training Schedule

training (1)Loftin University is pleased to announce its 2015 Training Schedule. We will be offering 2 new classes this year: Scania T4F Advanced Troubleshooting and Generator 202.

Loftin University is a 1st class learning center where technicians of all skill levels can learn about the Kohler Power Systems products. We teach in both a classroom and a practical lab, with a broad cross section of equipment that fully encompasses the technology seen in the field and offered by KOHLER.
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New Autodesk® Seek For KOHLER®Models‚ Tech Drawings and More

autoDesk2Autodesk® Seek provides BIM solutions that help
you specify KOHLER power systems with less work
and more accuracy. Easily download:

  • Generator set drawings‚ details and technical specs
  • BIM models
  • Accessory drawings and details
  • File formats in DWFX‚ RVT‚ PDF and RFA

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Make Sure Your Generator System is Prepared When You Need It

pmWhatever the industry, the key to having back-up power available and operating reliably during outages, is a planned maintenance program. While most standby generators incorporate an automatic set exerciser to start and run the generators for 30-minutes, such as once a week, only a planned maintenance program undertaken regularly will ensure reliability of the complete system.

Contact Loftin Equipment Co. to hear more about our planned maintenance programs.

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