New KD Series Diesel Generators – Now from 800 kW to 4 MW

Kohler Power Systems is pleased to announce the release of the new KD Series Large Diesel Generators powered by Kohler’s own G-Drive diesel engines. These generators will vertically integrate KOHLER’s product line, while giving consumers a valuable, high quality product. Multiple generator nodes include the highest power density, best fuel efficiency, highest fuel lift, lowest combustion air requirements, and other industry leading features and benefits.

This new, innovative line of KOHLER Large Diesel Engines offers smooth running reliable power. Modular design provides easy aftermarket servicing. The KD Series Engines have been through a detailed, rigorous design and testing process to ensure the highest quality and robust power. The KD Series Engines are designed with the latest technology to enhance their performance and offer superior reliability for any application.

These new engines are powering a full line of KOHLER Large Diesel Generators, from 800kW – 4000kW. Kohler’s generators have been designed with over 95 years of generator expertise. Kohler now provides the most complete Large Diesel Industrial generator line in North America.

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