Kohler Releases Power Solutions Center

Kohler is pleased to announce the release of the new Power Solutions Center (PSC). The PSC has been developed with your input and your request for an improved sizing and specification tool. We have also incorporated additional tools to make the job of sizing and specifying a power system easier.

The PSC is Kohler’s all-new, user-friendly spec and sizing program. An innovation so
advanced, it will change the way power systems are specified.

Key Components of the Power Solutions Center:

  • Accurate, easy to use sizing and specifying
  • Drag-and-drop load management
  • Automatic one line diagrams
  • Exhaust/Fuel line/Room sizing
  • Click-for-quote functionality
  • Works online or offline
  • Program automatically updates when connected to the internet
  • Links to specification sheets, drawings, and BIM models

The PSC can be broken down into six basic sections. The projects section allows you to manage the projects and set project conditions. Loads are added and the one line diagram is generated in the “Load Profile” section. The optimum generator is selected in the “Select Generator” section. The “Additional Tools” section provides tools to calculate exhaust pipe sizes, fuel line sizing, and room sizing. A specification for a generator can be easily created in the “Create Spec” section. The final section “Additional Information” allows the user to connect with their local distributor for a quote or for questions and provides links to technical information on the product.

The PSC is designed to be the platform that combines tools together into one place to provide a single source to answer all your power systems questions. We will continue to develop new features and tools that will be added to the system.

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