Kubota Engines

Kubota’s high quality and eco-friendly engines satisfy all global emission regulations.


As the world demands stricter environmental protection, engines are required to meet stricter emission regulations. The Engine Product Environmental Management Section (EPEMS) at Kubota Corporation in Osaka, Japan, was established exclusively to work on environmental issues. By gathering information concerning emission regulations from all over the world, sharing and analyzing it within the company, and performing thorough computer-controlled automatic emission measuring tests on all new engines, this division is taking all possible measures to ensure that the engines produced by Kubota possess the world’s highest level of adaptability to pass future emission regulations.


At Loftin, we provide a full line of genuine Kubota parts, as well as complete Kubota engines for sale.

Kubota’s quality inspection facility maintains the world’s highest emission-level controls.


Kubota Corporation’s Quality Inspection Facility is state-of-the-art. This facility is designed to ensure that all Kubota engines clear future, more stringent emission regulations. Newly developed engine models first must pass certification tests for all existing emission regulations. Once they pass these tests, the newly developed engine models move into mass production. Thereafter, regular sampling inspections reconfirm that they meet the high quality expectations of the Kubota name: high reliability, clean performance, and large capacity.

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Kubota Engine Power Units

Loftin Equipment Co. has fabrication capability of full power units open or enclosed with custom controls.


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We also provide several custom accessories:


  • Engine control panels
  • Air intake shut down
  • Air starters
  • Sentinel Mechanical Shut Down Systems
  • Dual core radiators for Hydraulic cooling
  • Manual PTO Clutch
  • Stub shaft
  • High performance push/pull fans
  • Hydraulic pump adaptors
  • Side PTO options
  • Auxiliary pulley options
  • Engine heater

Kubota Diesel Engines


Tier 4 Engines


The Environmental Protection Agency has multiple tiers of emission standards for engines. Kubota manufactures engines according to Tier 4 standards, which require the use of advanced control technologies that are designed to decrease emissions. These technologies include Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)*4, Common Rail System, Exhaust-Gas-Recirculation Device (EGR)*3, and an electronic fuel injection system. Along with better emission performance and efficiency, building Kubota engines in accordance with Tier 4 standards results in easier installation, greater durability, and quieter operation.


Download our brochure or visit Kubota’s website product page to learn out more about Kubota diesel engines.

Diesel Series Engine Table

Series Gross Intermittent kW/HP range
OC Series 4.5 - 7.0 kW / 6.0 - 9.4 HP
EA Series 5.15 kW / 6.9 HP
Super Mini 9.9 - 18.5 kW / 13.3 - 24.8 HP
05 Series 17.5 - 33.0 kW / 23.5 - 44.3 HP
03 Series 18.5 - 55.4 kW / 24.8 - 74.3 HP
07 Series 42.0 - 55.4 kW / 56.3 - 74.3 HP
V3 Series 55.4 - 96.4 kW / 74.3 - 130.9 HP
09 Series 115.7 - 228.4 kW / 155.2 - 306.2 HP
Series Gross Intermittent kW/HP range

Spark Ignited Series Engines


The WG Series is Kubota’s solution for customers who want the rugged reliability of diesel with the convenience of gasoline, LPG, or natural gas. Based on the legendary Kubota diesel engines the Kubota gas offerings combine compact power with flexible fuel choices.


To find more information about our innovative spark ignited series engines, download our brochure or visit Kubota’s website product page.

Spark Ignited Series Engine

Series Gross Intermittent kW/HP range
WG Series (Gasoline) 18.3 - 65.0 kW / 24.8 - 87.1 HP
WG Series (Natural Gas) 20.4 - 65.0 kW / 27.4 - 87.2 HP
WG Series (LPG) 22.0 - 70.0 kW / 29.5 - 93.9 HP

Dual fuel options available


Kubota offers a wide range of genuine parts for Kubota industrial engines and Kubota branded generators. To see specific parts offerings, download our parts PDF or visit Kubota’s Parts Center page.

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