KOHLER Engines

Loftin carries a range of KOHLER® air-cooled, gasoline, and LP-powered engines, from 4 to 28 hp, with new 34 to 40 hp commercial turf engines offering 999cc. We sell and service KOHLER’s liquid-cooled and gasoline-powered engines, from 20 to 31 hp, as well. Additionally, we provide single- and multi-cylinder diesel engines from 7 to 67 hp, which are some of the highest-quality engines available for lawn and garden, industrial, utility, and a variety of OEM applications. For those looking to fix a worn-out engine, we also provide a full line of genuine KOHLER OEM replacement parts.


Some KOHLER engines can be used by both professionals and homeowners. Those that can be beneficial for professional applications in addition to residential are marked below.


KOHLER Diesel Engines


KOHLER Diesel KDI electronic common rail engines are Tier 4 Final with no DPF. Optimized combustion system and cooled EGR help achieve the industry’s toughest emissions standards. No DPF means a better fit with no heat issues, no DPF maintenance and lower cost of ownership. These advanced engines feature 4-valve heads, turbochargers, oil control systems and diesel oxygenated catalysts (DOC).


 – Power for Professionals


Aegis Engines


Cooler oil temperatures. Peak power operation. Consistent running temperatures. Efficiency. Reliability. Durability. With KOHLER Aegis, you can confront the workday with confidence.


 – Power for Homeowners

 – Power for Professionals


Command Pro Engines


You need maximum power. You expect rugged reliability. Welcome to the KOHLER Command PRO series. With cast iron cylinder bores, overhead valve technology, larger-capacity oil and fuel filters, and high-performance spark plugs, the Command PRO engines deliver years of nearly service-free operation. Because you need professional results, day after day.


 – Power for Homeowners

 – Power for Professionals


Courage Engines


Single and twin cylinder engines featuring overhead valve design for increased efficiency and reduced emissions, along with micro-polished crankshaft bearings and cast iron liners, are what make these professional-grade engines.


 – Power for Homeowners


Courage Horizontal Engines


A cast-iron cylinder bore- and steel-forged crankshaft provide protection and extended engine life.


 – Power for Homeowners


Courage Pro Engines


Vertical-shaft, twin cylinder KOHLER Courage PRO engines showcase top-shelf features and deliver professional-grade performance. Complete with a one-year commercial warranty.


 – Power for Homeowners

 – Power for Professionals


Courage XT Engines


Overhead valve design provides smooth, powerful performance while a flywheel ball bearing and forged crankshaft add protection in all mowing conditions.


 – Power for Homeowners

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